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display none on HTML option element not working on smartphone browsers.

display none on HTML option element doesn't work on smartphone browsers.

Google crawlers can only follow links with the proper a tag, not JavaScript.

A quick explanation about links that Google's crawlers can follow. Links should be the a tag, not the button tag or JavaScript.

WordPress 6.0.2 Security & Maintenance Release

About Recently announced WordPress 6.0.2 Security & Maintenance Release.

Instagram Scam - Instagram Online Recognition Award

Introducing a scam encountered on Instagram.

Cookie Consent Banner plugin Cookie Consent and how to use it with GTM

Cookie同意バナーのプラグインCookie ConsentとGTMでの導入方法

Learn how to implement the Cookie Consent Banner with the JavaScript plugin cookieconsent and Google Tag Manager.

[a-blog cms] Multi-language support for RSS feeds

RSS用のモジュール作成画面Module setting window for RSS

Learn how to modify the RSS feed template files provided by a-blog cms to support multilingual sites.