This is the privacy policy of Zatta production website.

Basic Concept

Zatta Production (We) may collect information from users of websites that we run (our websites) to the extent necessary for the operation of our sites' services.

This information may be personally identifiable information that may identify an individual.

It may also be related information about an individual that is not personally identifiable.

The collected information will be handled appropriately within the scope of the purpose of use.

Scope of information to be collected

1. Personal information entered in forms

We ask you to enter your name, address, e-mail address, telephone number, etc. in the forms on our websites. Some of the information are required and some of which are optional.

2. Access information of users of our websites

our websites automatically collects information such as Internet domain name, IP address, and browsing of our websites.

This information does not contain any information that can be used to identify individual users by us.

Purpose of use

  1. To improve our websites
  2. To respond to inquiries
  3. To plan information to be displayed on our websites according to the age, gender, region, etc. of the users of our websites, and to measure the performance of such information.
  4. To deliver advertisements according to the age, gender, region, etc. of the users of our websites, and to measure the performance of such advertisements.
  5. For marketing (surveys, questionnaires, etc.), data analysis, and research and development of our products and services
  6. For other purposes related to the above.

Cookie Policy

We use cookies and similar technologies to analyze how visitors use our websites and to provide optimized services and advertisements to individual visitors.

What is Cookie

Cookies are files that are created by the website you access and stored in your browser.

Generally , cookies are used to analyze website access, to store website preferences, to optimize and measure advertisement delivery, etc.

Scope of use of cookies

1. To enhance the security and convenience of using our websites.

The websites we operate may use cookies to make it safer and more convenient for you to use the sites you visit, for example, to maintain your login status or to remember your site usage preferences.

2. To analyze the usage of our websites and to improve our services.

Our websites use analytics tools provided by third parties to analyze how visitors use our websites, in order to improve our services and to provide information according to the interests of our visitors.

These analytics tools use cookies and similar technologies.

Major analytics tools used by our websites are as follows.

Name Provider Technologies and ToS
Google Analytics Google Visit Page
Clarity Microsoft Visit Page
Juicer ログリー株式会社 Visit Page
Hotjar Hotjar Ltd. Visit Page
User Heat 株式会社ユーザーローカル Visit Page
HubSpot HubSpot Visi pageー

3. To deliver advertisements by third-party ad distribution providers

Our website may contain advertisements from ad-serving companies on its pages.

We may also serve advertisements to promote our websites.

Cookies and similar technologies are used to optimize the delivery of these advertisements.

Our website mainly uses the following ad serving services.

The main advertising distribution services for promoting our websites

Name Provider Technologies and Tos
Google Ads Google Visit Page
Facebook Ads Meta Visit Page

Main distribution services for placing advertisements on our websites.

Name Provider Technologies and Tos
Google AdSense Google Visit Page
AmazonAmazon Associates Program* Amazon Visit Page FAN Communications,Inc. Visit Page
Accesstrade Interspace Co.,Ltd. Visit Page
impact Impact Tech, Inc Visit Page

*As an Amazon associate, Zatta Productions earns income from qualified sales.

How to reject the use of cookies

Cookies are enabled by default in most browsers, but you can choose to reject individual cookies yourself.

Please check your browser's help menu, etc.

With the exception of cookies that are necessary for the functionality of our website, there will be no problem in using our website even if you disable the cookie function.

Please check your browser's help menu, etc.

With the exception of cookies that are necessary for the functionality of our websites, you can use our websites without any problems even if you disable the cookie feature.

This website provides a feature that allows you to set your own settings to enable or disable cookies, with the exception of cookies required for the proper functioning of the managed websites.
Click the button below to display the settings menu.

Restrictions on use and provision

We will not use the collected information by ourselves for purposes other than those stated above, except in cases of legal disclosure requests, cases of illegal access, threats, or other illegal activities, or other special reasons.

We also will not provide this information to any third party.

However, we may disclose statistically processed access information of our websites.

Revision of Privacy Policy

We will review our privacy policy from time to time in response to changes in laws and regulations.

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