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Create a site with markdown - Docusaurus Tutorial

Docusaurus home page thumbnailDocusaurus home page thumbnail

This article introduces the basic usage of Docusaurus, a static site generator that generates sites from markdown files. Docusaurus is a useful tool for creating manual sites with a lot of information.

Referrer Exclusion for GA4 and About Referrer Spam

GA4で参照元除外の設定1Setting up referrer exclusion in GA4 1

I found a new referrer spam recently, so I did a referrer exclusion in both Google Analytics Universal Analytics and GA4. It seems that referrer exclusion was not possible in GA4 before, but now it can be done easily.

How to implement looping/autoplaying videos using video tags and recommended values for file size and encoding

Best practices for implementing looping and auto-playing videos using video tags, as well as recommended values for video file size and encoding. You can also see the real examples through this article.

Steps to use GA4 and Universal Analytics together and GTM settings and notes

How to add properties for GA4 and use them together with Universal Analytics property. It's easy, but one thing to keep in mind when setting up with Google Tag Manager (GTM).

How to Debug iPhone Safari with Windows Chrome

This article explains how to debug a web page opened in Safari on iOS (iPhone) from Chrome on Windows PC.

Visualization of COVID19 positive patient attributes in Fukushima


Visualization of open data on novel coronaviruses in Fukushima Prefecture.