Production Note 制作雑記

You can view past and scheduled post dates in the WordPress publish date menu

Trivia that you can see the date of your previous posts and the date of your scheduled posts within WordPress post publish setting calendar.

[a-blog cms/Multi-language site] How to tell Google about localized pages

How to use HTML link tags to correctly tell the information to Google when you have pages localized for each language or region, such as on a multilingual site.

[a-blog cms] Alias link generation bug of the latest Ver. 2.11

In version 2.11.57 of a-blog cms, there is a bug with alias link generation. In multilingual sites that use the alias feature, the links of the alias site become the links of the root blog. A patch has been released and should be applied.

When e-tax (web ver) does not proceed from the loading screen, try changing the browser language setting to Japanese.


When e-tax (web version) does not proceed from the 'Loading...' screen, changing the browser language to Japanese may solve the problem.

Why is the README file uppercase?

Reason why file names such as and are often in uppercase

Note for Shopify CLI

Note for Shopify CLI