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How to set up reCAPTCHA on Google Forms

Googleフォームで「reCAPTCHA」を設置するための設定内容Setting for setup "reCAPTCHA" on Google Forms

Learn how to set up a reCAPTCHA on a Google Form.

How to Update Portable VS Code

ポータブル版のVS Codeをアップデートする方法

Learn how to update the portable version of VS Code.

How to set up custom domain in Microsoft365 and use Microsoft's email service

写真 : ドメインを追加する画面Photo : page for addding a domain

An instruction for using Exchange Online, an e-mail service provided by Microsoft, with your own domain.

How to set up SSH key and use the SSH URL for Bitbucket repository


Instructions for creating an SSH key and cloning a Bitbucket repository via SSH communication.

How to Display Author Info in Articles and Structured Data with a-blog cms

ユーザー管理のスクリーンショットScreenshot of User Management

Tips for displaying author infor in articles and structured data markup with a-blog cms.

3 tools to convert Markdown to lovely HTML

The StackEdit editor screen.

This article introduces top three tools for converting markdown files to HTML files. They are useful for creating documents and instruction manuals.