Bitbucket has deprecated the traditional password authentication for Git access via HTTPS

As announced on the official blog, Bitbucket no longer allows authentication by personal Atlassian account passwords when using HTTPS to access Bitbucket's Git repositories.

Here is a quote from the official blog

Starting Sep 13, 2021, new Bitbucket users will not be able to use their personal Atlassian account password when using Basic authentication with the Bitbucket API or Git over HTTPS. They will need to use Bitbucket app passwords.

A new method, the application password, is now available. An app password is a password that can be set separately from your personal account password and that is disposable.

For more information, please see the following article.

If you do not use the app password, you will need to access via SSH.

The following official Bitbucket article explains how to create an SSH key and how to set it up for Windows, macOS/Linux, and Sourcetree.

For Windows, use Git Bash to run it

The commands shown in the article above should be run in Git Bash on Windows.

This is because some commands cannot be executed at the command prompt or in PowerShell.

With Git Bash, you can easily set up the system by following the instructions in the article.

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