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Facebook's scheduled posting feature is a useful and essential feature for running a Facebook Page, but since November, it doesn't seem to be functioning properly.

When you create a post using the Facebook Page posting tool and click on the "Schedule Post" button to schedule a post, the post disappears. Nothing shows up in the scheduled post section. No matter how many times I try, it doesn't show up.

I found this phenomenon when I tried to make a post yesterday (December 3, 2020), and I was poking around left and right, but looking at the Facebook community, it seems to have been happening since November.

Happening in November 2020. Up until yesterday I was able to schedule post with the publishing tool, now when I click "schedule" they just disappear, but will post. I have to use Creator Studio instead. Is there a way to fix the problem within publishing tools?
I have a way to fix the problem within publishing tools?

Quote: Schedule posts list missing. Can't find to edit scheduled posts. | Facebook Help Community

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Schedule posts list missing. Can't find to edit scheduled posts. | Facebook Help Community.

As it turns out, the problem was solved by using Facebook Business Manager.

I was troubled that the posting tool did not solve the problem, but I hope it is a temporary bug...

What is Facebook Business Manager?

Business Manager is a tool to manage your Facebook pages, ads, and catalogs (products) in one place. It can also manage Instagram ads and catalogs together.

Create a Business Manager Facebook Business Help Center

Checking for scheduled posts in Business Manager

As mentioned above, you can also post and schedule posts of your Facebook page in the Business Manager.

When you access the Business Manager and go to the "Posts" menu on the left side, you will see the published posts and scheduled posts.

If you look at your scheduled posts, you can see that the reserved posts that you created and disappeared from your Facebook page are now properly displayed.

If you've created the same post over and over again, you can leave one here and delete the rest.

I hope this will be fixed soon.

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