Problem and how to fix it

When I tried to edit an article and clicked the "Enable Direct Editing" button, it was no longer turned on. I built the same environment on my local machine and it worked.

While I was researching, I found a similar post on the forum in a timely manner, and I was able to solve the problem with that way.

Here is a quote from the forum.


When I press the direct editing button on my site I can't turn it on or off. Please tell me how to turn it on.


We've received one report that switching is not working depending on the server environment. I don't know if you have the same problem of this, but please try replacing php/ACMS/POST/Cookie.php with the following one. Thank you.

The forum page is here↓. a-blog cms forum

So I visited the page below.


Then I overwrote php/ACMS/POST/Cookie.php with the above Cookie.php, and the problem was resolved.


As mentioned above, it is a server environment, so the server I'm using may have been the problem.

I am using a different plan of the same server company for another site, and direct editing was not working there as well.

It was working just the other day....

Direct editing is one of the great features of a-blog cms, so I'm glad I was able to fix it.

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