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[a-blog] If direct editing is not turned on, try replacing cookies.php

[a-blog] ダイレクト編集がONにならない場合はCookie.phpを置き換えてみる

If the button "Activate Direct Editing" no longer turns on, you may be able to solve the problem by overwriting the existing file with Cookie.php, which is distributed officially.

Facebook Schedule Post feature not working properly from around November 2020 but you can managed it in Business Manager.

Facebook's Schedule Post feature has not been functioning properly since November. The problem was solved by using the Business Manager. I hope it is just a temporary bug...

Guidelines for adjusting the sound (audio) level when editing video


When editing video, it is necessary to adjust the volume of voices, sound effects (SE), background music, background environmental sounds, etc. This article summarizes the standards for volume (level/dBFS) and the currently adopted "loudness values" and "loudness normalization".

Zatta website was launced.


I have a chance that some oversea visitors see my profile, so I have released a Zatta production website.