The website of the sculptor Aya Sasakura, which was created by ZATTA PRODUCTION, Kota Shimizu's media production and marketing agency based in Fukushima Prefecture, won the Appleple Awards at the a-blog cms awards 2021.

The Appleple Award trophy and the Awwwwards Honorable Mention certificate.

What are the a-blog cms awards?

The a-blog cms awards is a project to find better sites by collecting sites created with a-blog cms, a website content management system (CMS).

Every year, Appleple, the developer of CMS, reviews the submitted websites and selects one excellent site from each field.
There are four awards: "Technology Award", "Design Award", "Usability Award", and "Appleple Award".

Please check the official special site and press release for details and submitted a-blog cms production cases.

Special Site
a-blog cms awards 2021

Press Release
The "a-blog cms awards 2021" held to recognize production cases that use a-blog cms. Announcing the winning case study of "a-blog cms awards 2021"

What is a-blog cms?

a-blog cms is a CMS developed by Appleple Inc. based in Aichi Prefecture, Japan.

It's a CMS made in Japan that allows users to freely build websites using HTML and unique template syntax, without having to write programs such as PHP. It features "unit editing," which allows you to edit content block by block, and "direct editing," which allows you to edit content as you see it, making it easy to update.

With a wide variety of functions provided by default, it is possible to realize various requirements that customers seek for their websites.

About the award-winning website of Aya Sasakura

The site that won the Appleple Award this time is the official site of sculptor Aya Sasakura.

This site is a multi-language site in Japanese and English.

After its renewal in December 2020, the site won an Honorable Mention in Awwwards, an international web design contest.

Please see the following article for more information about this award.

I received Honorable Mention from an international web design competition Awwwards.

Leave it to us to build a easy-to-use multilingual site

At ZATTA PRODUCTION, we build user friendly multilingual sites using a-blog cms.
By using a-blog cms, you can easily manage multilingual sites that tend to be complicated to manage with WordPress.

Since you'll be able to manage your site easily, it will also lead to a reduction in operation costs.

If you are considering building or renewing a multilingual site, please consider building it with a-blog cms.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us from the following link.
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