Zatta Production's website was just launched.

I have a chance that some oversea visitors see my profile, so I have released a Zatta production website. (Zatta means miscellaneous or various in Japanese)

There are still some pages under preparation, but in the future, we will update and adjust the appearance little by little.

Abou my profile page

I have created a little more detailed information about Zatta production, so please have a look here. You can switch between Japanese and English with the JA and EN buttons on the upper right. About miscellaneous production

If you have any questions, please contact us.

If you have any questions, please contact us from the inquiry button at the bottom of the "about" page above.


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Director of web and marketing

Kota Shimizu

I've been working in web, video, and magazine production fields, experienced planning, design, photography, coding, marketing, and business improvement. I'm an omnivorous director who can handle anything in a widely.